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Hexeosis: Psychedelic gifs 

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Armin BlasbichlerT III, 2009 [Inception Door] - 585 mounted diapositives of Pantone swatches, laminated glass, wood frame | H 211cm, W 97cm

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Was this a joke or is someone getting fired?

How bout it’s a fake cuz that’s obvs Times New Roman…


Was this a joke or is someone getting fired?

How bout it’s a fake cuz that’s obvs Times New Roman…

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Anonymous said: Is it racist that a white, 20 year old unarmed kid was shot by a black cop on Monday, Aug 18, 3 days ago and its no where in the news? Oh wait, it happens all the time, its just not newsworthy. Sucks to be white.



Dear Racists: I know you’re going to to be trotting this out in the next few days claiming that this shows how white people are just as badly treated as black people in the US (though, of course, the idea that “it happens all the time” to white people is, of course, a ridiculous and disgusting lie).

But guess what, fuckheads, as usual, you’re wrong as fuck. The reason this tragedy isn’t national news is because, surprise surprise, a similar (ish) shooting of a white teenager by a black cop is being handled by the authorities completely differently! That’s right, you dumbfucks, this officer is being immediately and vigorously investigated, the officer’s name was released, the victim wasn’t denied medical care, nor was his body left on the street for hours. It’s almost like we treat black and white people differently in our justice system! And if you want to argue that the fucking Salt Lake City PD (oh shit, was I able to read about this case in the NATIONAL NEWS?!?!?! ) is racist against white people, you are fucking out of your mind.

So, nice try, you asshole, I know you were salivating over finding a case to compare this to Mike Brown, but, even with this timing, you’re not even fucking close to proving your racist “point.”

This anon’s statement reeks “reverse racism”.

>”Sucks to be white”. 


A good friend of mine told me “reverse racism” is white supremacy backfiring on white people. 

This anon should start telling the whites to stop their infatuation with white supremacy. 


For every “do you hate white people?” I see in inboxes.

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curfews are so bizarre like how do they expect ppl to obey it

it’s an excuse to arrest literally anyone on the street trying to demonstrate. it’s effectively revoking the right of the people to peaceful assembly

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